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September 04, 2007



Glad you had a great weekend! Sorry about the loss of the two boys, but I hope things will go really well with the ones you have left. LOVE the grab bag! Fun surprise! Can't wait for tomorrow to play with them!

Michelle Filo

Off to get my bags (got into a little routine here hehe, LOVE to have this for myself, thank you!)
Janet, I am an absolute nutcase for double pages, check the proof here:
I would love you even more if you thought about it next time you are designing, I would love to see more double pages from you because that one is gorgeous!!! TFS ;)


Oh, how nice you have a grab bag this month toom Janet!! I thought I'd miss my favorite download because you've been so busy! I am so happy that you found time, I am right now downloading mine while I write! Can't wait to open it and play!!!


So glad you decided to do a grab bag again! I kept checking in all weekend to see if you were going to do one...what a great surprise that you are!


Yay! Janet-Grab Bag time! :) This is always one of my must-haves!!! Off to go get it!


Love your double page layout of cocoa beach. What a coincidence, I was there 2 days after you (from CT). It is a beautiful beach. Thanks for reminding me that God is FOR ME, I often forget that too. Have a great day!

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