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August 14, 2007



Have a great day, Janet, and don't let that bag of chips get ya down. There has not been a single vegetable eaten in my house in the last two days!


potato chips and candy bar... hmmm, could you be pregnant? :) these would be wonderful news! :)

Michelle Filo

ok, since we are doing this, I bought a 20 dollar box of chocolate over the weekend and alreay ate half of it...I bought it for no reason.. so, this is what I call indulgence! LOL
love the layout Janet :)


I would have guessed the pregnant thing too - cravings! No, really though, I wish I had some willpower to not eat junk food. No will power in my girl.

That LO is FABULOUS - first of all - I have the same plates. Second - my girls do the same thing with doughnuts - love it - those little stinkers!

Hope you are enjoying your day!


those chips were probably awesome too! Sometimes when you are craving something it is just the best thing ever. The sandwich cracked me up. My grandmother often ate dessert instead of a meal and I thought that was horrible. Looking back I realize that she was 105 pounds her whole life and I haven't seen that since Junior High so she was probably on the right track!!!!


LOL! You're probably going to get lots of comments about being pregnant! :) Have a great week!

Mish Gasser

LOL Janet! As long as it's totally unlike you, you're okay. It's when you do that ALL the time... ;-)

Cute page. I love everyday moments like that.


LOL! Now you've got me salivating for some Ruffles chips too!!!

Love your page---inspires me to dig up AND take some everyday pics!

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