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August 23, 2007



Have a WONDERFUL time away, I'm glad you guys are getting off Ranch, it will be good for you. And while it will be hard to have E released, I totally agree that it's what everyone needed (you, the boys, etc.). We can't save him from his home forever and he does know the truth. So we rely and trust on God's promises that we are to train the child up in the way he should go . . . and sometime, maybe even a long time away, when he is old, he won't depart from it. You guys are doing amazing, keep up the good & hard work!


Wow-what amazing work you do. My husband counsels adolescents with substance abuse and depression issues so I can imagine the emotional toll this takes on you. On a positive note, the Venetian is an amazing hotel and I am sure you will love your visit! As I have read your blog and followed your work for some time now, I find your work and your outlook truly inspirational and am thrilled that you are a finalist for SOY!


So sorry to hear about losing a boy, but just know that you have not really lost him - God is holding him! How cool that you get to go to a local awesome hotel just to hang out as a family - do you get these "days" off once a week or more like once a month? Have fun - enjoy the family time!

Michelle Filo

I love your writting! that first paragrapha alone... good stuff!
Anyway, good luck with the kids, it is sad to hear you have to let one go, I hope everything works out all right!
I would love to have you at the forums, but I totally understand we dont have 40 hour days, I needed the extra time too, if I wasnt on so many CTs I wouldnt do so many forums hehe
Cant wait to see new layouts from you :)


I hear ya! And can pray for you all. Hope your family day is blessed indeed.


I hope that you are able to just completely enjoy getting away for a bit! I am sorry to hear about the boy, but I'm sure it's the best decision!

Can't wait to see all your new projects!


That hotel is gorgeous and it has a great location on the strip! When abouts is your trip? It all sounds very exciting!


Janet, you will love The Venetian. I think it's one of the most beautiful and luxurious in town. Marci


The Venetian, that is so stinking cool! Enjoy yourself sweet lady. And I'll send some extra {hugs} your way for the boys.


HI janet, not sure if I ever commented on your blog before, I just wanted to say you guys are awesome for what you do!! How I would LOVE to do what you do, but really have no idea where to start or even if I have the right "tools" to help. I don't want to fail, I especially wouldn't want to fail kids that have been failed before. But anywho, you guys are awesome in my book. Manda, my SIL, even said you were awesome!! LOL. Praying for you, your family, and your boys! :)

The venetian is amazing!! You have to go on a gondola ride. I forgot how much they cost, put it's totally cool. They sing to ya and everything!! LOL I have a ton of pictures of the's so beautiful!!


I'm so sad for you that Jason can't come to Vegas with you! Hey, if you ever need another hotel buddy, I'm yours! :)

I hope this weekend went well...I hope you were able to relax some & that the boys are transitioning well.

I think about you often!!

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