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August 15, 2007


Mish Gasser

Lots of interesting info Janet. You've led quite a life! :-)


ALL of these were a suprise to me in one way or another! I love all the facts - I do not know how you come up with them. I am jealous of the fazolis today - LOVE IT!

Michelle Filo

I love reading about you Janet :) I can totally relate to some things! I would love to sit down and make a list like that but I am the world's biggest procrastinator ;)


I love your "betcha didn't know" entries - great fun to learn more about you! Have a great day!


Wow how very random! LOL! But interesting too! I will have to try doing this sometime, but I'm really horrible at those kinds of things, so we'll see. I think my favorite is: you don't like music but then you wished you had learned to play piano-LOL! That sounds like something I'd say-haha! Although I do actually like music (good thing since I majored in it!).

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