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August 28, 2007



I have a very similar set of anxiety dreams...mine usually involve having missed every session of class and showing up for the final unprepared. Or trying to withdraw from the class after the withdrawal deadline. I think these dreams speak to our feelings of being unprepared for where we're at right now. I know you've had some "oh my goodness how did I get here" feelings over being a finalist in the Scrapbooker of the Year contest. Maybe it's related to that. Just have to say, I think the idea of photo collage templates for paper scrappers is BRILLIANT. I hope people eat 'em up!!!


Oh My goodness--I have those dreams too! There are two--either I go to a final exam (HS or College) and I realize I have not gone to the class all year/semeseter; or I am in a play/musical and it is opening night, but i never went to any rehearsals and don't know my lines. Ugh. Don't like those!! Congrats on this new venture--sounds exciting! When do you go to Vegas??


That's really cool, Janet! Glad Alaina is doing better!

Luann McElduff

I have a quick question for there any way I could buy a copy of the templates you created. I love your page, just want to do it digitally and was wondering if you would sell me the template? I know you probably don't get requests like this very often but the minute I saw the page I thought of one I would love to do for my daughter about her Daddy. He travels a lot and I wanted to make her a layout with shots of him all over the world and then hang it in her room. I completely understand if there is no way, but I had to try :). You are a constant source of inspiration and I enjoy reading your blog.


Luann McElduff

Oh I forgot my email:



Ahhhh!! I have a dream almost exactly like that... except my dream is that I'm in college and it is the end of the semester and semester tests are starting... and that's when I realize that the class that I had intended to drop early in the semester hadn't been dropped! So I had to go take a semester test for a class that I hadn't been to all semester! I hate that dream - and I have it once or twice a year! And I finished college, too! Who knows! Hope y'all are doing well!

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