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July 26, 2007


deann mcdaniel

oh man!! i love this layout!!! i love the interaction between the photo and the elements - WOW!!! (and of course, i love what you're trying to say - the story!!)

have a great day!! (ps - you made the right choice, sleep is so overrated - LOL!!!)



Oh - just when I think you couldn't possibly do another fabulous LO - look at this! I LOVE it - I love the photo and how how you are literally balancing these things - Love it. Very creative - might just have to lift this one b/c I love what it protrays - a balancing act! Have a great day - sounds like you get to have some nice lunches and stuff!


Oh my!! I love your new layout! So creative!

Aren't you lovin' Gilmore Girls? Definitely one of my favorite shows! (and when you're'll have to jump on the Lost bandwagon!)

Shabby Miss Jenn



Great layout! Did you use a filter on the photo? I love the soft colors.

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