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July 11, 2007



Oh my goodness - those pictures of Alaina painting are to die for! I LOVE the color and can't wait to see all finished and set up! Funny story about the kitten - this weekend we were camping and thise girl had these two adorable kittens. She had them on leashes and was playing with them at the park and making them go down the slides by themselves on these leashes (curvy slides at that!) Oh I felt so bad for them. If Caleb is just playing with them like in the picture - they are in heaven compared to what some kids do! LOL! Have a great day!


Oh LOVE that color Janet! That is awesome! Glad you got your internet at home--hope you get the wireless all worked out without any trouble!!!


Glad you're back...I so look forward to reading your blog each morning! And, that color green is awesome!! What color is it?


FUN color! You're doing much better than I am about getting your place in order! I love those photos of Caleb and the cat. Joel wants to get Jack a rabbit, but all I can think is more poop to clean up. So we'll stay pet less for now. ;)


I love your templates.....I have most of them of course, & now I just found your blog about a week ago and have really enjoyed reading it! We also just moved (only 1/2 hour away from where we were) and I just painted my craft area the exact same shade of green that I see in your very cute pictures! Gave me a little giggle......



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