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July 12, 2007



Yeah - I guess that deserves a REAL welcome shout to Florida right?! Glad the second girl that helped was very efficient for you guys with the kids! DMV's can be kind of a pain!

Those LO's ROCK as usual!!!


It looks AWESOME, Janet! I love your little space! And that was crackin' me up that Nebraska DL aren't valid as a primary source of identity in Florida! Have a great time with your kiddos before you guys get your new life started officially!

Leslie (lhaslem)

Janet - that room is sooooo cute - great job on the colors and shelving...definitely a creative space!

Michelle Filo

oh, what a cute little corner you have! I love that you have layouts up on the wall, what size are those?
Great layouts by thw way, I was in awe when I saw that first one in the grab bag, and I am still trying to download the colab, it is really stunning isnt it?


loooove your craft room! it is just DARLING!

Karen aka lindse

wow!! Your room looks absolutely fantastic - gotta remember that green color, looks so soothing! Love your SP and CR LOs - you work magic!

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