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July 13, 2007



Hey that was fun! Learned lots of new interesting stuff about you, and I love the page about your hair. unfortunately, I can relate.


Very fun blog - loved it! Thanks for sharing more about yourself! Wish I would've known you that well when you were living here! Makes me appreciate you all the more. Big Penang hug for you, Jason and the kiddos!!!


Those are very interesting things about you! I'm glad you are all settled in your home! Have a great weekend!! :)

Michelle Filo

great read Janet :) now I want to come up with a list like that for me :) maybe we should tag people to do it hehehe
I love your layout for this week's dare and have to be careful not to do the exact same layout for myself ;)


Oh I think I HAVE that color nail polish-LOL! So funny! I usually wear the same one all the time too but I branched out and tried a totally different color the last time I painted my toes. It's still on there--mostly. Hopefully I'll get around to re-doing it before Thursday:) ANd your hair looks like mine--except mine's brown:)

have a great day!


Cool random list, Janet! And looooooove that LO!

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