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July 16, 2007



Uh oh - I hope the ants don't come back! Glad you got back to sleep! Sounds like a fabulous weekend for your little family! SO jealous about you going to Chicago this weekend - how FUN! You will meet so many people! Your LO's are fabulous - do not be so hard on yourself - the kiddos will (and probably already do) LOVE them!


Oh so carzy--I just blogged about our ant problem too-LOL! Yuck--can't stand ants!! Hope you're feeling better!


Totally with you on the grossness of the ants! I hate when they invade here in Oregon each year, but I finally got smart and laid out ant traps outside the house and in the garage before they found their way inside. I got the kind that transfers the poison to the ants so they take it back to the colony. Seems to have worked.

Hey, I love that hands layout! Just priceless, Janet! Really!

Michelle Filo

I love the layouts, what are you talking about :P
Hate ants though... I am originally from Brazil so you can have an idea how much I must HATE ants (because they were bad to me, not "just cause") and then I come to Australia and they attack my baby??? WAR!!! hehe
Hope you have a great trip, oh, you are going to micc your kids so much hehehe, I know when I went away by myself I had this weird feeling the WHOLE time something was missing :)
Hope you guys are feeling better too:)

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