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June 20, 2007



Mmmm, loooove that hymn! Amazing words. Can't wait to see you on Sunday, when do you get in? (I'm trying to make sure I have time to go for a walk or out to coffee or something with you!)


Okay well Brian HAS to like you now-LOL! HE looooves old hymns too:) :) And hmmmm...can I guess your big scrapping news???? Oh I have a guess-LOL but I won't say it. Heeeheee:):):) Congrats on the digi-dares too!!!! LOOOOOVE that LO you did for it too--gorgeous as usual!!


Inquiring minds want to know..... what program you used to make the slideshow? I've thought about doing something like this, but I figured it would be beyond my abilities. Anyway, love the LO's. I put your dare #40 one in my faves at DST earlier this week =) Have a super safe trip with Alaina & Levi!


That has always been one of my favorite hymns and has wonderful memories attached to it. You've given me a page idea and I know I'll spend the day humming/singing that sone, so it will be a blessed day.


Congrats on the Dare gig! You have the most beautiful pages, and your words always inspiring...both on the blog and on your pages. Eye candy and inspiration all at one place!

Thanks, Janet!


God is wanting me to see and remember his faithfullness this week I think. We sang this song for the last song in church on Sunday and I had the ole tears welling up due to stuff in life!!! Praise God for these God moments! We so easily forget our Sunday experiences and this was just a nice reminder!

Looks like a great book you got for Jason - I have/read his book First-Time Mom (
when I was pregnant with Braelyn - probably the last full book I read - LOL! Great stuff! I bet the mug looks great and Jason is also so blessed to have you!

OK - I can barley stand the suspense - oh wait maybe I know....hmmmm

Lauren Barden

Ohh, I meant to email you when I saw your name on the Darers list to say CONGRATS!! I always forget to do the dares but I'll try and keep up - I'm sure you'll have great challenges for us all. :)

I hate secrets!! That's all I'm saying! ;)

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