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June 18, 2007



WHAT - YOU HAD YOUR CAMERA??? You stinker! I chatted my hubby's ear off that night by the way (after getting home at 10:45 - LOL) about how awesome you were and how comfortable it was to be around you! You are super in person - not scary at all!!! LOL - I had to laugh when I saw your first paragraph!!! You would think my hubby would be used to me meeting digiscrapping gals b/c I have met quite a few at the conventions! Anyway - our blog posts on that night are pretty similar!!!

Love the LO - cute journaling and the title faded back like that is awesome! Have a good rest of your week here in MI - I hope that you do get a bit of downtime though b/c I am sure once you get to FL you will be busy unpacking and getting settled too!

Might have to buy that book you talk about! Glad you put a dent in it this weekend!


Love how you did the title on your "tickle" layout!

Isn't Revolutionary Parenting good! I'm about halfway through, and for us it's just confirming our parenting style as well, but it definitely has wonderful ideas and good statistics. My husband is actually using this book as a resource for a sermon he's preaching on Sunday - he's the youth pastor!


Yeah, Manda's pretty fun, isn't she? Y'all were just a couple hours north of me! So glad you had a good night. :)

You better get your scrap ON, Miss Janet. You know I have been all weekend with your amazing templates. :)

love, me <><


Hey sweetie! I don't think you are scary either. :) I had a great time meeting you and I loved today's post. Darn husbands anyway.


Oh LOL Janet! That's sooo funny that all the husbands keep saying that! Now what does YOURS say about US??! That's what I want to know-heehee!! Glad you are enjoying MI and now I am curious to read that book!!! Love the LO!


cute layout! And I love meeting internet friends for real too! Somehow, it's easier if it's scrapping friends than other internet "friends". *shrug* sounds weird, I know, but I feel safer if they're scrappers, LOL!

Julie Marie

Please share the name of the "REVOLUTIONARY PARENTING book" Thanks a bunch!

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