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June 01, 2007



thanks for the reminder on Songbird Avenue! And WOW on the grab bag stuff! :)


HOLY CANOLY!! In the middle of vacationing and moving, you put together such a treat and spoil us rotten! You rock the casbah, girl, thank you!

Ellen Easter

Just to say thanks once again for an amazing Grab Bag - yours are the only ones that I always grab.


Thanks for the great goodies in your bag! I ALMOST missed something, but after reading the comments, I double checked and found even MORE! You have the BEST grab bags!

deann mcdaniel

ok...janet - i can't stand it!!! i have been looking at one layout after another for months coming out of you - you are unstoppable!! i've got to 'TALK' to you - email and let me know if you'd like to chat w/me...(and maybe let me record a little - LOL!0


Lauren Barden

I was SO excited to see your template in the SA kit and even more so after talking with Mer about it... YAY!! ;)

Oh and I haven't even unzipped it yet but I'm saying thanks in advance for what I know will be another AWESOME grab bag. The 1st is always "go check Janet's store" day for me. LOL


Loved the grab bag! Loved the template in the Petites Fleur kit! How do you do it all? Another amazed fan here!

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