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June 24, 2007


Michelle Filo

I wish I had your EHD troubles :) I have a measly 400 gb that is almost full and I have no idea what to do once it is full LOL
Have a safe trip "home". Hope you get to sleep then :)


Sounds like you need a hub - I have one that gives me four extra USB ports. Of course, you won't need 3 EHD for long! Good luck with your move.


Janet you are too funny-lolololol! I actually loooooove late night chats, so no worries...or maybe you should worry--you really WON'T get any sleep-LOL! Just beware, I am not, not, not a morning person:) :) :) Have a safe flight and a fun "vacation" time for the next few days:) :) Soooooo happy and excited for you!!!!!
--Hollie (OMGoodness, I just typed "Janet" here!!! Oh what the heck was I thinking???!? Maybe I just am jealous that you are going to live in Orlando and want to be you?? LOL! At least I realized it before I posted!!)


Yeah - hope you got some rest and are starting your jounrey to FL! I hope the Jason and Caleb made it down safe too! Enjoy your few days of vacation before actually moving in!

That park looks awesome - I will have to find that sometime! (FYI - Jenison, MI is with one "N" just in case you want to fix it on LO before printing) That LO is perfect and I love how you used all those photos and that some are in color and some in black and white!


I looked at the DigiDare blog and was reading throught the members-I am very curious as to what you did in Malaysia? We have missionary friends with SIM there right now starting up a free AIDS clinic.
Just curious.


LOL on missing a USB port AND the EHDs! You've got 2 ehds hooked up to your computer?!?!?? LOL! Question: So I guess it IS possble to have the ehds running and backing up while you scrap? Always thought that was a no-no because it could mess up the back up. :) Thanks for the info!


Hope you've made it safely to Florida. Sounds like a fun week for you. :) And I'll have to find out where that park is at. I probably live like 5 minutes from there and it looks like a great place to take the neats. :) Glad you had some fun here in Michigan before your big move. :)


Would you believe my Mac only has three USB ports? Drives me crazy, but otherwise I love it. Good luck with the trip to FL! I'm so jealous of your move to a warm climate. And as usual, ADORABLE layout!


GOod Luck on your trip! And enjoy your new home!


Yup, ditto Angela. Only one of the USB ports (of the four) on my laptop works now, so I bought a hub last weekend.... and whee! Both EHDs all plugged in all the time and I can even switch my camera or Ipod in and out with no trouble. Highly recommend you get one, gurly. :)

love, me <><

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