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June 27, 2007



Oh Janet--I'm soooo happy for you! I've just gotten all misty-eyed looking at the photos and knowing you are finally THERE! Yippeeeeee! Hurrah!! Looks like you had a wonderful time yesterday and I imagine the kids are just had an amazing time! Your little man is looking soooo BIG--such a cutie! And I love that photo of Alaina with the princess! All the photos are super! Have a great day--hope the official move-in is easy and quick as can be!


Looks like a super amount of fun yesterday - the pictures brought back fun memories for me! Your little family is just too cute too - I know I have said it before, but man - really - you guys are adorable - all of y'all!!! Good luck getting in your house today!

Michelle Filo

oh yaya, finally "home" hey? :) happy for you! what awesome lot of pictures! and what a sweet sweet layout :) be well!


Janet! Your baby totally looks like you!!! He's a mini-you!!! :) Too cute! :)


Yaay!!! I'm so glad you're in Orlando & I hope you're in your home soon! I love your pics & I just know you're going to be so happy calling Orlando home!


OH yeah...congrats on the shabby shoppe CT!!!!!!! What an amazing gig!!!

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