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May 30, 2007



Janet you are so pretty and your family is gorgeous!! Let me know how that book is I had been wanting to ask you for any parenting book suggestions! Cute necklace Im going to look into it too! Yeay my bday is friday I will get me the grab bag as my present since I havent been feeling great about me I will shop for therapy and maybe get the necklace then! Have a great day and a good trip!!!


Oh Janet I am SOOOO popping on over to ETSY!! Yes--thank you for finding that!!! Oh and I am LOL about that truck--hilarious!!! Well I am really, really excited for you, Janet--moving to Orlando and making these big changes. I pray that the transition is smoothe and you have easy drives with the kids, and fun in Michigan! I can't wait to see you in July!!! And oh yes--LOVE the pics, esp that last one of you and Caleb. Have a great day!


great pics! I always hate having Jack's hair cut, too; I thought it was because I was trying to explain "just a trim" in Malay, but after being in the US I realize, I just can't communicate that I like my son's hair long just not in his eyes, lol. Fortunately it always grows out, and it helps that our boys are so cute anyway that we could shave them and they'd still take good pics!


So much to comment on - I just don't know where to start!!! Caleb's hair looks cute - though I know exactly what you mean about that first haircut taking their personality away! It will grow back and I bet it makes him look more grown-up which is always hard! So funny b/c I too need some down/quiet time and my hubby does not - in fact - he hates down time. Hope you both got your wishes - it sounds like you did! Great pictures - you look so cute girl!!! LOVE the red shirt!!!

OK - have safe travels and we will talk to you soon!!! Would you be interested in pedi's on Fri. the 15th with some of my digi pals from around here??? Just a thought, but we have them booked. I am not sure if you will even be able to get a sitter while here?!

Michelle Filo

aww got to love reading your blog :)
great to see things are going well, hope packing finihed ok. I looove all the pictures, Alaina and Jace look like siblings in that picture, their hair is so similar. Levi is so funny, all my family fotos look a bit like that at the moment hehe
hope you are having a smooth trip!


WOnderful pictures Janet!! Looks like lots of fun visiting with friends and now packing up and on to your new adventure! Exciting stuff!! I remember packing up our container to move to Hungary-huge!! You never know how much stuff you accumulate until you have to move it all :)
Have a wonderful trip :)

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