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May 18, 2007



Just downloaded yesterday's blog freebie...thanks :)

In response to today's post...that is something that many people (especially women) struggle with. My small insight into this is that trying to let go of what OTHER people think of your choices is very liberating. Also remember that raising small children and frequent moving will make any human feel scattered! Be kind to yourself...

Thanks again for the freebie and for sharing some of yourself on your blog. I enjoy reading it :)


Oh, that's how my brain feels too! :)

Thanks for the freebie, and thanks for writing so much. I enjoy reading about what's going on in your life! :)


Such a great reminder! Sometimes things just pile up and are overwhelming, even if it's not anything hard to do sometimes just breaking it down and re-prioritizing, thinking of things individually instead of a huge massive pile of things-to-do really helps!


Lol on the decapitated layout :) Poor er, thing, hehehe.

Thank you for the inspirational words, as always. Yes, not everything will be done, but sometimes for an OC person such as myself, sometimes it is very frustrating. Your words have been very enlightening.

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