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May 21, 2007



Oh soooo excited for you for the new and exciting things to come! We are considering moving soon and I am thinking of all that I will miss from here too! And hehe--I'm SUCH a square peg...well I think I actually might be a trapezoid, but oh well!! Have a great day!


Yeah - glad to hear you are almost all packed! Good luck finishing things up and heading to Colorado!

congrats to your sister(or sister-in-law?) how exciting and very cool that Alaina got so excited! Great LO!


Awww, you made me cry! It means SOOO much to me that you are so excited for us and that even Alaina is excited for "Aunt Er." I am so glad you guys are moving here, so you can enjoy almost the whole nine months with us!


Oh..just stumbled across your blog..we moved about 7 years ago from where we grew up..but we knew God had a plan and we are sooooo happy we did. Our church is awesome...great friends and school for our girls. It took alittle while to get adjusted, but soooooo glad we made the move:)

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