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May 08, 2007



So cool about scanning the photos! I need to do that badly, I have so many I want on my computer but don't have the patience to do it myself! Thanks for the recommendation!


So glad to see a few of those scanned pics - you reminded me to do that - b/c I wanted to from the first time you mentioned you were going to do it! I have pictures from my Rainforest trip about 14 years ago that I would love to get in a book for my kids to see!

Have fun with your parents - just enjoy the time - I am sure they are so so proud of you!!!


Janet - I think my parents had that same couch LOL.

Great pictures! Thanks for posting about that website. :)


Hey Janet! Glad your parents are visiting and seeing the kiddies!! Those scanned photos look great I will need to get mine together as well I'm always so scared to lose them and that was I can have them on a disk and make copies of it... Those frames are so pretty can you tell me who they are from?? And I can't wait to see your little project!

Sarah Vrolyk

Found your blog through Kimberly Geswein's blog ... and I am so glad I did! Thanks for sharing about your scanned pictures ... I might just do the same!

Melissa (mels)

I've been meaning to do this. Will have to see if I can find something similar in Australia. Thanks for the reminder this has been on my to do for months now.


I also found your blog thru Kimberly. I'm so glad I did! And I'm so excited to see how good the results are for the scanned pictures. I'm glad you posted them! I can't wait to do it!

But, as I wrote to Kimberly -- who's gonna take them all out of the albums for me????


The pictures look great. The website says they only do 3 X 5 and 4 X 6 and larger. We're all of yours that size or were some of yours smaller? I have smaller ones I would like to have scanned.


I used They acutually cropped and scanned about 500 of my photos for $60.00


Jonny L.

I also used a similar Super nice people, fast and cheap. They also worked with me to get some of my favorite old photos restored and looking good again. Love your blog!


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