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May 16, 2007



Hi Janet!! Cute pics! Gosh end of the year already that means Emily will start school in the Fall!! You have some of the cutest kids around I tell ya! Don't wanna take up much of your time so good luck on the rest of the packing!! Have a great day!!


I was LOL at your liquified mommy brains! Our oldest had just turned 5 when our fourth was born, so, um, yeah, brains all leaked out my ears! Former student extraordinaire, multi-tasking queen, reduced to a drooling ditz. Our oldest will be married in two days and I can tell you, those wonderful brain cells do NOT return. But, they are replaced over time by all the cherished, sweet memories of their growing up years. The kind that soften and sweeten you, and make you realize that, thankfully, you're not perfect, and your kids and husband don't have to be either, and fill you with thanks for God's grace and mercy!


ROFL about the stories of losing your brain cells!!! Too too funny and I think we can all relate! I often tell Braelyn "just a minute" and then forget and she does remind me - LOL! And then the looking for Levi thing when he is taking a nap - Oh my word - how hillarious! Oh what it is not like being a mother - LOL!

Glad you are accomplishing the packing bit!!! Keep at it!

BTW - we are moving again b/c my hubby is a builder so it is sort of an investment plan for us. 4-5th house is free and hubby loves the idea of being debt free. Anyway - there is the reason for moving our 3rd time!


Awesome post! Liquified mommy brains ... that's me. You're right, they really should tell you; then again, I never would have believed it. I wonder exactly what it is about having kids that makes you lose your mind? I keep hoping to find mine some day, but at this point I think it's a lost cause. :)

Shabby Miss Jenn

ROFL at your bloggie title! LOL


I can totally relate! I had twins and then 13 1/2months later baby #3 arrived, at about the same time my mind vanished! So glad to know it's not just me.


ROTFL!! Liquified mommy brains. I'll have to remember that. I really didn't believe it when people told me you lose brain cells during pregnancy. Then I had a kid, and they were not teasing! I've only had one child, and the diminishment of my capacity is driving me crazy. I think one's good. I don't think I can afford to lose enough gray matter to have three!

Jen Caputo

LOL! Those are some priceless stories!!! hehehe


I hear you, I have liquified mommy brains too. They only way I am surviving is by my never ending 'to do' lists. Without them, I would be soo lost! Loved the photos of the kiddos that you shared today. :)

Rona have described me in your opening paragraphs. You know, I've read that bit about losing brain cells every time we give birth, too. 3 kids in 3 years....yup. that's me. Fast forward to another 4 years later, and out pops #4, lol! So another set of brain cells lost forever, eh?

Yay on the packing! Wow, you are GOOD! :)

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