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May 07, 2007


KellieP have no idea how much I needed to read this post this morning. I thank God for you and your willingness to be so open...and to make me think upon His great goodness in my life. I've had lots of things happen in my life that I would wish upon no one...but I know that He is still so good to me. Thank you for reminding me to remember that!

I'm so jealous you're going to CHA! I only live a couple of hours from chicago...but since I'm not a designer, no go for me! Maybe I'll have to sneak up there for some of the get togethers. I would love meeting my scrapping buddies!

Good luck with all of the packing. I'm swamped trying to get my stuff organized for a garage sale...I can't imagine trying to pack everything up!


Ditto Kellie's comment - you are so open and willing to share your thoughts - I love it! I am in a point of focusing on the negatives for sure - I tell myself to get out of it and I can't. I will list right now 10 blessings just to get me jumpstarted! Thanks!

Great LO's and you picked up some great stuff! I love the LO of Alaina in the yellow Carters jumper - Selah and Braelyn have that one - so sunny!!!

Have a great workday!!!

Shabby Miss Jenn

Overwhelmed? YES YES AND YES! OMG! All the time! It's sooo normal!!! And I LOOOOVE your cabana page! OMG Yummmmmy girlfriend! :)


It's so nice to find out there are others out there like me... well, not *like* me, I guess; but have been through the fire (so to speak) and come out on the other side with a different perspective!! I, too, have not had an easy road, although I know in my heart I've not had it nearly as hard as some other people in the world. I used to have the "why me?" attitude until I sat back and really took a hard look at my life. Do bad, icky, not fun things happen to me? Yes. But, it could always be worse, and I have the love & support of family which in the grand scheme of things, is the most important thing to have. I live my life with one phrase I carry in my head: your perspective is your reality.

Great pages!!! I haven't created any pages in almost a week... time to get scrapping~

Jenna (Sweeet)

What a powerful post this morning, Janet and thank you for your openess toward it, I appreciate that in you! Great verse, btw....I can honestly say God has blessed me with 2 beautiful children, a very patient and understanding fiance, as well as blessing "US" that our newborn girl did not have internal bleeding after the skull fracture she sustained from a baseball at my son's little league practice. I know those may seem the obvious and I can tell you the unobvious blessings....and that is...the strength he has blessed me with especially during this time of sleepless nights due to colic and gas with our baby. I know it will subside, not so much from the norm of hearing it from her pediatrician but the fact that I have given it ALL to the Lord and he WILL comfort her since he is the great physician. It's like the wonderful and my favorite verse: Faith is not knowing that he can, it's believing that he will. Amen-

Lovely LOs, btw...and yanno I will be thinking about you during your, just made me tired reading all you will be going through. Lastly, out of all the designers, I wish someday to meet're a wonderful inspiration and I'm so blessed to be in touch with you somehow even if it's only through a blog. Have a wonderful day sweetie.

Laurie Garza

hey Janet!!!
I'm coming out of lurkdom to thank you for lifting so many up (so often) with your words of truth and your perspective on life!!!

I remember one time in church when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. We went to a small church at the time. It was a small evening service and my DH was in the nursery with DS. We started singing Great is Thy Faithfulness and I totally lost it! "Morning by morning new mercies I see, all I have needed Thy hand hath provided!" I had to walk out and tell DH just how thankful and blessed I felt to be close to delivering our second child after losing our first to miscarriage.

Also, my DH is on disability, but at that point in time he had already been denied (the previous year on Christmas Eve no less!) and he wasn't approved until after DD was born in January 2003. God provided for us for soooo long with no "reliable" income coming in- it was unbelievable!!!

A few years ago I was feeling down, thinking we would never be able to afford a house- and of course jealous of everyone else our age who had one already *sigh*. So after living with my mom for 10 years (children for the last 5), we finally (I was 35 and DH was 41) were able to buy her home from her. We started making mortgage payments to her in November of 2005. (She moved into a nice "Senior" complex the following April.) We only have a 10 year mortgage so we'll be done in about 8 1/2 years!

God is good in soooo many ways- I could go on and on LOL!!! Thanks for starting htis blog post today!

Awesome LO's as always too!!!

God bless!


Loved reading your post Janet! Thanks for all the inspiration and truth you shared!! The Lord is so good and I love being reminded of His faithfulness and goodness in the little things-things noone else might even consider amazing, but God wanted to show us His love in a certain way! So thrilled you are going to CO Springs! How fun!! CHA should be a blast too!!


Wow, what a fantastic post Janet! I just came here looking for the scanning info and then saw this... Yes, I needed to hear it. It's easy for me to get down and dwell on the not so good things in my life. It so quickly pulls me into depression. UGH! Thanks for the reminder of God's blessings! :)

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