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May 03, 2007



Hope you are feeling better and refreshed after your break today. After all, you have a lot of shopping to do for yourself! ;)

Jenna (Sweeet)

Hope you feel better soon...we're getting over colds and sinusitis ourselves...blah! Not fun with a newborn in da house...gotta keep those germies away! Love the photo action of your son on the futon, btw....boys will be boys! Rest well and hope the evaulation goes well/smooth too! ((hugs))


I hope you get to feeling better's no fun being sick!

And...thank you so much for the scripture you shared with me was just what I needed!


I hope you aren't feeling too sick (or maybe it is one of the kiddos?) Either way I will pray that you recover well. Don't ever feel bad for taking a break - sometimes it is just needed! Very nice to let us know though - too sweet.


Awww.....hope you feel better soon Janet!

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