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May 17, 2007



Thank you for the template!


OH - what a blessing for you too Janet just to see God moving your heart in the direction you asked!

Love the LO!!! perfectly radiating page!
I hope you leave the freebie up this whole day - I am at work - drat - that always happens - LOL! what a great template too!
Alaina looks to be quite the card!

Have a Blessed Day!


You're the best - thanks for another great template...Your cards and bag are super cute.

So, and I dread asking for fear of the answer, when you're traveling to colorado and michigan, will you still be blogging - yours is one I check daily and I just want to be prepared - hee hee:)


Thank you for the awesome template! I love the layout you created with it, beautiful! Have a great day.


Love the template - thanks so much!


Thanks so much for the template...and I love the layout you did with it!

You are so creative...your paper creations look amazing! Your friend is going to love it!

5 more days, huh? Wow! It's all going by so fast!


what a great gift for you!

thank you for the template


Oh thank you for the template! I already own a lot of your wonderful goodies. *yay*


thank you so much for the template, I totally undestand your love for paper stuff! I do love too!


Oh yay! I saw your page at DST this morning and added it to my faves! Thanks so much! Good luck with your move!


Thanks for the template--I adore pretty much every single one you do. Love your layouts and your paper skills rock too!! :) Good luck with packing and everything.


Thank you SO MUCH, Janet!! Your templates are the best & I'm so thankful to get another one! You rock, girl!


Thanks so much! I love your templates girl and your layout with it ROCKED


Thanks for the great template! Good luck getting all those things packed up this weekend, not a fun job, but soon you will be able to RELAX =)


Thank you!! :)


Thanks for another great gift, Janet! Good luck with your packing! :D


Thanks for the freebie!!!
Yummy breakfast you had!


Thanks so much Janet, great template. Love those paper goodies you made, nice backdrop too :)


Thank you, Janet! Fabulous template, as always! You're my go-to designer for templates! :)


Thanks, Janet! Good luck with the packing chores!


Thanks for being on so early this morning, it meant the world to me to have you rejoice with me! I can't wait to see you sooooooo soon!


thanks for the template! So glad to read about kids who are not picky eaters! Good for you! Both my girls are adventurous eaters, whereas my boys (BOYS!) will eat "safe" foods, i.e., food they know, lol! Sigh!


I've thoroughly enjoyed your last several blogs! The one on brain-mush was so very, very true! And it is that 3rd one - I can attest to that! :) I always enjoy your heart-felt parenting comments. Thanks for sharing from your soul. Praying for you in the moving process and all the transition. Hope all goes well! Thanks for the freebie template! The girls just had their musical last night. I know exactly which pics I want to use with it. Thanks! Take care.

Lauren Barden

Thanks for the template, I will add it to my ever-growing Janet stash!! ;)

I was a good girl when we moved from the UK to here and ordered the boxes a month in advance. But I didn't pack them until the night before they were due to pick them up which was the same day we arrived back from New York - not my smartest move! LOL


Thanks so much!

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