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May 02, 2007



Janet, that page you made is beautiful! I lost my mom to cancer when I was 14 and I have so many of those types of questions for her. I really think that this is a lot of the reasons why I scrapbook...I want my kids to know what life was like while I was here with them...and to get a glimpse into me at the same time! Well...I'm all teary now! :)


What a POWERFUL page, Janet! Yes, that is WHY we all scrapbook! Thank you for sharing your page and for putting into WORDS what we digiscrappers feel!


Love love love that page. It makes me realize that I need to scrapbook about me too, not just the kids. Thank you for sharing it with us =)

P.S. I feel the same way about clothes shopping ......... It needs to be done, but it is so hard with kids LOL


OH Janet - I swear we are twins! I think your thoughts all the time - LOL! So funny to see them in writing and think - wow - that is exactly what I do and think - LOL!

That LO is so so good - wow - just makes you stop and think! Good luck with Caleb's evaluation today and have fun just living!


Really love your layout! I should scrap something like this and put it in the wall :) have a great NSD!

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