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May 14, 2007



LOL on that last pic! I can hear Caleb, too! hehehe. something my younger son would do(the screaming, I mean, while my older son would be doing what Levi's doing, lol!)

Gorgeous LOs with the old pics. I'm jealous! :) Gotta have my mom look for our older pics too and have them scanned.

Happy Mother's Day!


Loving that last picture! My boys were the exact same way when they were little (who am I kidding, some days they are the same now at 13 & 11 LOL). I just hope that they will appreciate each other more as they get older. I'm betting you feel the same =) Happy packing!


I am so glad you all had a great day together...I think your traditions are soooooo cute!

Your new pages are gorgeous!


i am cracking up at that last picture. My 7 yo DD is at school all day and my 2 yo DS wants in her room so bad - she has a baby gate to keep him out:) BUT sometimes I do let him in there to play with her horses/stable. She would die - and sometimes she can tell if he's been in there:)


Glad you had a great mother's day! Can't believe you are packing up and heading out! How fun! Good luck packing and I LOVE the eye candy you left us as usual!!!

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