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April 27, 2007


Iara aka baersgarten

I can understand that a professional picture is not so inspiring but what a great treasure this picture of the 4 generations are! I just made one with my son, DH and his father. I don't know how to scrap it either but I'll do, because I am sure he will enjoy it later. oh... and about the belly... I do also have the same problem... DS is 11 weeks old, and I was asked on Sunday in which (pregnancy) month I am... yep, need some exercise too. Take care and have a nice weekend!


GASP!! only sisters can say such things & get away with it! you two look so much alike. i adored my grandpa, such a love! i'm giggling over you crossing over to the dark (paper) side, just don't spend too much time over there, cause you know, eatin' paste is bad for ya! i'm the same way about professional photos, it's intimidating really, and they just don't capture those little winsome and fiesty ways that candids do. my sis is a sculptor, does shows, has a studio. really makes me feel lacking in the talent dept. i was even told i was the "smart" one instead of the "creative" one! hope your wkend is wonderfully restorative! =)


That 4-generation page is a keepsake! Seriously, how many 4- or 5-generation-ers (sorry, I know it's not a word, lol!) are out there? Every new year's day, I try to take a pic of our 4 generations: my grandma, my mom, me and my 2 little girls. You're right, posed pics aren't all the best to scrap, hehehe. But I do hope that someday the girls will appreciate those pics.

thanks for sharing!


Oh my, Janet, your sister is AMAZING! I'm so glad you didn't let her talent intimidate you but found the right outlet for your talent.

Jenna Jaquez

Oh Janet, I LOVE what you sister does...just have to go order one for my baby your LOs too...I hear ya on how hard they can be to scrap, but you did a magnificant job! :)

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