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April 05, 2007



How great both of your birthdays are days within each other! Janet you are an amazing ARTIST! Good luck on finding a good suit for less money I don't even wear bathing suits but that does sound like quite a bit of $$. Hey I also decided on the SP Bella Kit for the album since I already had it but I'm having a rough time... :( Anyways have a great day with your whole family!!!

Shabby Miss Jenn

I would SOOO spend that and more on a suit!!!!!! I love that suit and think it's sooo stylish!!!! OMG enjoy that 50mm! It's such a fun lens!


i am loving the bathing suit...might have to check it out myself:) Love blog hopping - all the cool things you find.

To get a good suit (that will last) the price is probably about right...although it makes me cringe. Sounds like you'll get a ton of use out of it.

Go for it!


O.M.G!!! Bathing suits run for $100 now?!?!? Nooooooo!!! But that is a CUTE suit for sure! In fact, I wanted to run over and order me one...until I read the part that it was a total of $100 smackaroos for it! Ack!

But if you are in dire need of a suit and haven't bought one in YEARS, I'd say it would be a good investment, eh?


If it is something you will wear often and for several years, then yes, I would spend $100 on a high quality suit (and Land's End is definitely high quality; I also like Speedo brand suits). If you almost never wear one, then I'd say look for a cheaper one. I wear one only every 4-5 years, so a Sears or Wal-mart something is just fine for my purposes. And I have to comment on your layout about your 30th birthday. I could have written that myself. You almost perfectly captured my feelings on the matter (except I only have one child).


Ohhh Janet--that's a tough-ee! $100 is a bit pricey BUT if you are going to wear it a lot and really don't think you will be happy with anything else you can find, then I think it is worth it. It stings when you shell it out, but the alternative of buying a cheapie and then a month later getting this one b/c you realize the cheapie just isn't gonna cut it--that is worse! Sooooo sorry I missed your b-day yesterday but I made you card today-LOL!!!!! And have fun with your new lens!!!!!!!!!! B-day card link here:
Have a great weekend!


Well - you stayed WAY to quiet on your birthday girl!!! You stinker! HAPPY BIRTHDAY - I hope it was a good one - you are so young - younger than my hubby by a few months!!! ;) Love the idea of journaling your days of the year - I am afraid too many of mine would be negative sounding and then when people look back at them they will be like "my - that girl was horrible" LOL! Love your first two pages girl! Have a fabulous birthday weekend - enjoy!


You sound just like me about swimsuits. I about choked when I paid $80 from LandsEnd...but I figured a nice suit that actually won't start sagging after a few wears and washes and will last for a few years is worth paying for. I did the clearance rack at Target swimsuit one year and I decided I'd rather buy a nice one every few years than a new cheaper one every year. I say - go for it! And also - I think our husbands must be twins with the wearing clothes from years and years ago. That totally made me laugh. It's nice to be thrifty but some things are worth spending a little bit more to get a good product. Happy Birthday!


Oh - and I totally love the photo with the umbrella. That is so funny and darling! And I love your journaling on the 'bring forth a new day to conquer' layout. So perfect for motherhood and life!!! Realistic but hopeful for a new brighter tomorrow.


Yes, the swim suits are that much these days! Usually run from $30-40-50 per piece! =( Are we making the card for YOU or your husband?? =)


I love that bathing suit, but wow, that sure is a lot of $$$. Not sure that I'd be able to part with that much, LOL. I love your layouts too. Happy belated birthday to you, and here's a card for your hubby for tomorrow
I hope he likes it! My birthday was a week ago, and I too got a new camera lens from my hubby. Have a great Easter, and weekend!


I love the journaling/scrapping every day idea, not sure I could do every day as they may all start to sound the same, but I may try something like that! What a great way to presever the little things you may not normally preserve! Happy belated birthday too!


I pretty much felt the same way about the price when I was looking for a new suit! But, the LE suits are so worth it. Mine is a few years old & I've worn it alot, it still looks great! They don't sag or ride up where they shouldn't. ;) I say go for it!

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