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April 12, 2007



Congratulations Janet - your news is awesome! So happy for you and your family. Sounds like it is all coming together!

Can't wait to see the new templates:)

Shabby Miss Jenn

CONGRATULATIONS! You will soo enjoy that warm weather!


Yes, it is supposed to be hot here today. Yippeee! We're so excited to have you guys come, can't wait to help you unpack that van!


OH Janet - how exciting! I can sense your excitement about this move - which is great!!! OK - so did I miss the date of when you move - I need to know when exactly you will be much too busy to update this bloggy for a few days - LOL! No just kidding - this is GREAT - I am jealous of the warm weather bit b/c the same can be said of MI here - we got like 4 inches of snow yesterday - COME ON!

What a beautiful picture of you pregnant last year - stunning LO!


Orlando?!?!? How FUN and The Ranch seems like such a wonderful fit for you and Jason. THere seems to be a sense of peace in your post today. I'm happy for you and your family!


Janet how AWESOME! Only two and a half months--that is sooooooooon!!! Woohoo!!!! And just so you know--we WILL be visiting-LOL! Don't know when but brace yourself cuz we'll be there--even it it isn't for at least a year (or more!)--hehe:) And It is cold here too--ugh! Well today is shaping up to be warm but cold weather abounds. At least I was right in my instincts that this would be a cold winter and bought some extra clothes for it (for all of us!). I just thought for sure we'd be into spring/summer by now. I even set out my plants last week (normally I do this in FEBRUARY!!!) and now they are dead--cuz of cold weather:(
And I'm excited to hear you have chosen to school at home. I am hoping and praying it will work out for us to do it that way--I'm soooooooo disorganized-LOL
Love the LO--just slapped that pink paper on a LO of mine--gotta love SP!!! Have a great day!


Wow Janet!! I am so excited for you and your family...and that you are listening to God's direction in doing what's best for your family and his kingdom as a whole! :) I must say...I'm a little jealous of your Orlando weather!!

Any sneak peeks on the new templates? I'm glad you found your inspiration again!!


Congratulations, Janet! That is wonderful news - Orlando! We love to vacation there - hoping to get back there next January. I'm thrilled that God has presented you with this opportunity. And now you will certainly be closer to a Target! :)

Kellie (joelsgirl)

HOW COOL! I'm really excited for you guys...not just the warm weather, either, though I can TOTALLY relate to that! We had two criteria in choosing a place to live, and warm weather was one of them. Boy, we sure got it, too! We were up in the Cameron Highlands last week, and I was C-O-L-D, but my hair looked GREAT! LOL! It sounds like this situation will be great for you guys, and Orlando is such a fun and happening place.

Michelle Filo

what a gorgeous blog!
thanks for your e-mail pointing me to it, so many good news :)
I love your layout and wish you all the best with all the wonderful changes coming into your life!


I am so happy and excited for you and your family Janet! It's neat to see how God indeed gives us the desires of our heart and you will have some warm weather and a place where you and your family's gifts can be used mightily. Love your pregant LO-you look so pretty :)

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