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April 26, 2007



I had to giggle at your high school scrapping. Why? 'Cause it looks just like mine! And I laughed out loud at the line of cars, I had one that did the very same thing! Such a small world we live in...


I like your attempt at the paper deal I think you did good! So much better than anything I would do lol and your digi pages are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! Im like this :O they are so beautiful!! Can i have 1/4 of your talent pretty please lol Just joking well have a great day today!


I had to laugh about your high school scrapbooks because mine look so similar!! :) Love it! It's always good for a laugh! Love reading your blog and your layouts are gorgeous as usual! I really like your style. Thanks for sharing! :) Have a wonderful day.
Brooke :)


WOW! A busy AND productive day you had! I absolutely LOVE the layout where the kids are pointing to their birth place! How cool!


The paper LO is so so pretty! I love the big bow (makes me remember that I need to buy Natalie Braxton's Big Bow yet!) The digi LO's are to die for too. I LOVE the world one - all the elements and the way you had the kids point to their country - awesome! Have a great day!


LOL - i love the fact that you were a hybrid scrapper even when you didn't know it - you wild thing, using type in your early scrapbooks! (so, before your time! lol)

love the new pages - perfect...oh, another surprise! LOL

and oh my - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of the cars...perfect! (can't wait to see THAT layout!)



Love the new layouts! Even the paper one, you were a scrapping maniac yesterday! That layout with the little birdie is adorably cute too. :)

Debbie Pearson

Loved all 3 of your layouts, but the little birdie told me was adorable!

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