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April 24, 2007



Sorry to hear about your fall, but glad you've decided to keep them -- that should be fun this summer in the florida sun:)

Love that layout - i saw it in the magazine...looked great.

Yes, thank you for the goodie yesterday - that was very sweet!

Here's to a productive day!


Oh no - what a bummer that you scraped the hands up. Keep the rollerblades and just invest in a pair of those wrist/hand gaurds!!! Sounds like a nice day though otherwise for your and the family!

For sure thank you for the coupon - again - so generous!


OMG! that layout is AWESOME!

oh...thanks for the coupon!


i just KNEW that was your layout in the Digital Scrapbooking magazine as soon as i saw it! i didn't see where they put the credits tho. sorry about your hand, but tickled to see that you're keeping the roller blades,LOL! thanks for the coupon and paying it forward! hope you've had a lovely, productive day!


Sorry to hear about your fall! at least you can type on the computer e? ;)

And that LO does deserves to be published! Levi is SO cute and that bear is just darling! Love the series of photos you had of him with the bear for each month of his first year.


Yikes! Aren't you a brave rollerblader. I think walking the stairs pregnant is pretty risky, LOL! (And judging from recent experience, it is!) Seeing pictures of your sweety makes me excited about having a new baby. Now seeing pictures of MY sweety at one week makes me want to cry!


Ouch! But did you get pictures LOL!!! Love the goodie :)Thank you! Wonderful LO!

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