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April 17, 2007



Oh my!! That layout is just gorgeous!!!!

They grow up way too quickly! My little Millie will be one, one month from today!!

Happy Birthday Levi!! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family!

Shabby Miss Jenn



HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janet, plz e-mail me with your address and phone! thanks!


Happy birthday to your little guy! Your layout is gorgeous and your journaling is beautfiul and touching. Today is my youngest DD's birthday, too. And I just can't believe how quickly the time does pass by. I definitely agree with you, it does make a person a little sad, in the bittersweet kind of way.


Oh wow--a year already!!! I can hardly believe it!! Happy Birthday to your adorable litte man!! Time for another now, right??? Hehe:) :) Have a super week!

Michelle Filo

Happy Birthday to Levi :)
Congratulations to the mommy for raising him to one, it is great but not easy hehehe!
I can relate so much, they grow so fast :( Cherish while you can :)


Hope Levi had a happy 1st birthday! This year sure has flown by quickly. I can't wait to watch him grow this second year . . . in person finally!


Happy Birthday a day late to Levi! I hope you are enjoying your family time and I hope that Levi had a blessed day!


Happy Birthday Levi!!!


I've recently discovered your blog and enjoy it so much. Your pictures are awesome and I was wondering what kind of camera you have. I tried to look into your archives to see if you mention it, but couldn't seem to find anything. You obviously have talent, but if I could find a good camera, maybe I have a chance!

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