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April 16, 2007



Looks like they for sure didn't do the extras there in Nebraska. How sad! When we went to the Ringling Bros. circus here last fall it was amazing - like I remember as a kid too! TONS of clowns, three big rings, lots of animals, and all that good jazz! Glad you still had fun for the most part though! Yeah for Alaina!!!


Oh have a great week Janet! LOL about that circus--we always went at Madison Square Garden (New York City) so it was--needless to say-- a BIG show! Too bad they were so unfriendly but YAY for Alaina!!! Woohoo!!!

Shabby Miss Jenn

OMG how cuuute are those circus pics! Sooo glad that was fun!!!


I look forward to your blog every day! Photos of your kidlets, the news of your move, new layouts, are all so much fun! Now I have something "fat" to look forward to also! Hope you're having a wonderful day, despite your baby turning one!


Cute pictures Janet-Alaina looks like a natural during her interview :) I think you might be able to ask the tv station for the video and that way you could download it for her keepsake. Just a thought :)

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