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April 20, 2007



These are awesome Janet! You just do incredible work!


OMG - you are incredible...what an awesome collection of unique and inspiring templates. Hoping you had a great time with family this week!

PS - if you're ever looking for CT members...I'm all over it:) I've been on the lookout for a call...

Have fun at the Children's Museum...we have one here in Indianapolis that we visit quite a bit and the kids love it:)

Lauren Barden

WOW Janet!! I've barely even skimmed the surface of the original pack but I must have these! LOL


Amazing! The first FP is always my "go to" set of templates and man I swore that with all the freebie templates out there and being on two CTs that make templates I would never purchase another but, alas, the FP2 is FABULOUS! And it will be mine as soon as I finish this message. Thank you Janet - you ROCK!


Got 'em. LOVE'EM!! =) Thanks so much for the generous coupon! The layouts you and your CT did are so cute, and I love having them to inspire me. Hope you all had a great day in Lincoln!


Oh man! Why didn't I find this entry two days ago?!? Your templates so tempt me, Janet! Why must you do that to me?! *lol*

I already have some, but I want MORE! Paypal is going to love me come payday when I hit your store at SBG. :)

love, me <><

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