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April 13, 2007



Your album is GORGEOUS!! I have a ton of pics of my baby boy with his huge bear too. I'd love to try an album like this.


Awesome Janet--I just love that Cuddlebug kit with the CD album! It's perfection! Hope you have a super weekend! And what a bummer about the cam bag--I didn't realize she wasn't going to be making them anymore. I hope you find another you love or manage to get a DD one when she starts again! Hugs!!

Shabby Princess

i ADORE this, Janet...but you already knew that - LOL! just had to say it again! and OH NO on the camera bags :( i'm not the patient type either - he he!


That CD album is the CUTEST!!!

Lindy Keffer

Oh dear...I have been seriously thinking lately that I should figure out when I could drive out and see you guys in NE, and it looks like my time is getting short if I'm going to see you while you're in this part of the country. Any chance you're thinking of vacationing in Colorado before you head east? We really should catch up sometime. I'm bad at the phone these days, but would love to talk. Our home is 719-219-9654 and my cell is 719-393-5558 if you get a chance to call. (Yes, I just posted my phone numbers on a totally public site, but I'm guessing your readers aren't the stalker type. :) Love you!

Michelle Filo

Your album is so pretty I wanna cry :)
I have the square version of your template and you completely inspired me to get it done for my little munchkins. I love the Cuddlebug kit but have difficulty putting stuff together with it. I am totally copying you *wink wink*
(thanks for your e-mail reply)


That is one of the cutest albums! LOVE all those bear photos, too cute and such a great job!

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