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April 23, 2007



I am a regular blog reader Janet but cant seem to comment because of the image verification I encounter (I dont see it!). I love your templates and am amazed by your design concepts :D


Oh wow, LOVE what you did with the pictures.

Also, that is a very generous gift you are giving in honor of Miles. It has opened my eyes to see how amazing the people are in the digi scrapbook world.


Way to go on cleaning out your kids' clothes. I need to do a better job at this myself. Good luck with the exercise and better eating this week. I know it makes a big difference with me - I've been on WW for 7 weeks. Have a super day!


I read you everyday, even get dissapointed when you donĀ“t post early, but I keep checking, I think your work is amazing allways with fresh ideas (that makes the difference)and I also think you are improving each day, every time your work is more detailed and original, and thats wonderfull.
Ohh and your kids are sooo cute


Love your new blog look!!! I'm working on my kids clothes too...UGH!

I appreciate your kindness.


Hey there! Glad you had a good week I missed my daily Janet dose LOL! I love the tweaking on Alaina's pictures totally awesome... And I bet your layouts look awesome printed out! One day when my layouts start looking great I will do the same!!! Have a good day!
P.S. Love your new header!


Your photos with all the cool editing on them look so great! You should bottle up those actions! :)

Isn't ScrapbookPictures great? I print every month so I'll stay caught up, and I am just never disappointed in the quality as well as the speed at which they're printed.

What a fabulous thing for you to do for Kellie! My heart aches for her. We were in college together.


I LOVE what you did with the photos of Alaina - awesome! I need to spend more time playing around with the actions I have.

I've also ordered from ScrapbookPictures - not layouts, but just some 4x6s - and was so happy with the quality and how quickly they arrived.

Finally, I think what you are doing for Kellie is so sweet! I can't imagine the pain of losing a child.


We're in the same boat with all the rubbermaid containers of baby/kid clothes. I may or may not ever use them, but it's so hard to get rid of them - Kudos to you for "moving on".

Love the new blog look - very fresh!

And, those photos of Alaina are gorgeous...whatever you did, it worked:)


I too enjoy your thoughts on life, motherhood, and scrapbooking. Your products make it so easy to get my LO's started! Keep up the good work!


Wow! 200 layouts in one shot huh? But at that price, that can't be beat! Wow! now I'm thinking about having them printed out, too! LOL!

Oh and LOVE the new duds on the blog! Very very cool!


The blog looks great! LOVE what you did with the photos - they are all GORGEOUS!! I think I especially like the one right after the original. Beautiful work! Have a great week!

Iara aka baersgarten

love the new look Janet! I got a new camera today and now I need to start play with it :) the actions will have to wait a little more... have a great week!


I LOVE what you did with those pics, actions or not, I sooo need to learn the photoediting side of photoshop better!

Off subject... I love the cd album templates so much, I am making 2 mothers day albums with them right now, such great stuff!


Hey, how 'bout you stop by and load up six MORE tubs on your way to donate? LOL! Don't you just love dropping that off? Awesome work on the photos of Alaina, the fourth one is definitely my fave. I have got to make myself start using actions! I'm a Lisa Whitney fan too. In fact, I know of a big 'ol fat pack and that kit that would make a very happy marriage! So sweet of you to remember Miles, I can't count the number of times I've had tears this weekend. Have a great week!


Oh - how refreshing to see you getting back into a new week and blogging!!! I missed it a little - I must admit!!! OK - I will give you a break. :) Love the photos of Grandma and Grandpa with the kiddos - so important to have! No typepad guru, but for some reason on my screen your LO's have always gotten cut off a bit - just depends on EVERYONE's different screen sizes! I love the new header though!

Great way to Pay it Forward for little MILES!!!


Hi, Janet! I enjoyed your post today. I like the new blog look, too! Have a great week!


oh sweetie!! I was just sitting here reading your blog like I do daily...and was so surprised to see what you're doing for me and little Miles. I am so in awe and inspired by this digital community. Thank you so much for embracing me and my little guy! I am so thankful for the hope we have in Christ that we will be reunited with him someday. Thanks again my friend!!


Wow, I love, love, LOVE those pictures. They turned out beautiful!! I love Lisa's products too. Good luck getting back on track with your diet and exercise. Today is my back on track day too. It's so easy to get sidetracked. You're a sweetie to honour Kellie and Miles. The digi community is amazing!


Love all the things with your photos. It's so fun to play around with them. Too fun!!
Love what you done and cute photo.
The digi community is so blessed to have so many wonderful people. How awesome of you ALL to do this for Kelli and Miles. We need more kindness in the world today!
Have a great day!

olivia dizon

It's amazing what photoshop can do! We use it to digiscrap but I know we haven't used all the amazing things it can do for our pictures and LOs. :) Amazing too what you did with your pictures! :)


Hi Janet!
Love the tweaking you did to the photos. Awesome!
And it's amazing to see all the love for Kellie! Love abounds in digiland!


hi janet!
LOVE what you did to the photos!! i thought they were ACTIONS?!


Love love those photos Janet!! Can't wait to see the LO you come up with for them :)
I totally agree about Lisa Whitney too-her designs are awesome!!

Jenna Jaquez

Hi Janet, great makeover on the bloggy! ;) I love your templates girl....and I too thought your photos were used with actions..WOW!!!! Lovely shots, btw...I think I need a better camera LOL!! Hope you are having a great day. :)

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