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April 02, 2007



Janet! You do outdid yourself with that fab grab bag!!! It's amazing! And you are great!! Thanks!
Also thanks for that Couch to 5K link right now I am currently on the couch!! LOL
Have a great day and fun with the easter egg coloring I need to get to that this week also!!


Good for you for sticking with the running - that is GREAT - I need my treadmill back - LOL - then maybe I would have tried it b/c I am definitely on the couch - LOL! Please do make a trip to MI if you can sometime - we so need to meet!!! Congrats to Levi too for walking - how fun is that?!!! Love the LO's - if those are quick and simple then WOW!!! Good luck shopping - do show what you pick up!

Melanie Kendall

Hi Janet,
When you shared the couch to 5K program awhile back I decided to try it. I am now ready for week 6, but I think I need to say on week 5 awhile longer. I can't quite do the 20 minutes with no stopping yet. But I am so surprised that I can go as long as I do. It's been great to slowly build up the time each week. Thanks for your inspiration. I have always been intimidated to try to run very much, I prefer brisk walking! So thanks again for sharing this plan. And THANK YOU for the April Fool's grab bag. So great! I already used part of it last night. I love your creations. And I love the pages you shared today. Have a good day! Melanie in CA

Laurie G

WTG on the running Janet!!! I just started the couch to 5K last November and I was ready to run a St. Patty's Day race, but I started having sciatica pain. :( So now I am aiming for May. It's amazing how just taking a couple weeks off from running really sets you back! I too used to HATE running, but now it's ok- I hope in time that I learn to love it. :)

I hope things are going well for you at SBG!

God bless!


Check your email for a birthday surpise! P.S. Good job with the running!


Haha, my email address is wrong in the comment above, I'm a dork.


Awesome grab bag schtuff! :) And thank you for the couch to 5K program.....that should get me off my arse. I hate running with a passion, too....but I had to do it when I was in college for crew. Ugh! My only goal then was to get through the running part and NOT come in last, ever. LOL :)

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