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April 03, 2007



Janet you and your sister are such pretty ladies! Oh and about your shopping fiasco I totally relate to you but i need to lose weight first this weekend we went shopping for a dress for a wedding we have in 2 weeks I almost cried too because nothing suits me. It is really really depressing. :( I found shoes but no dress. Anyways Alaina is beautiful!


So sorry to hear of your shopping experience. I find that any time I go shopping with something that is "needed" I never find it. It is when I go shopping and don't "need" anything is when I find everything and haev no money to spend on it! Love the picture of Alaina - these shots are what the scrapbooking is all about to me. Not a "perfect" looking child that is looking into a lovely pond (although I do have and love those photos as well, but I don't think they will mean as much to my kids and family later - like these pictures will!!!) Glad you had a great night with no computer yesterday!


Ooooooh Janet! SO sorry about your shopping event! That stinks-esp since you have to drive so far to get to the stores! I have to admit though, I LOVE many of the styles that were popular in the 80's-LOL!! Not the tacky fad stuff, but the classy stuff that was a take-off on the 50's styles--love it to pieces and I was so glad to see it back this season--or starting anyhow-LOL. I love stuff like penny loafers, argyle patterns, cardigan sweaters. Fun fun!!! But I know there were some horrible fads too and I shudder when I think about them returning to the stores-LOL!! And I love the photo of your sweetie Alaina! Can't wait to see the awesome page you'll do with it! Have a super day!

Bellbird (aka Justine)

i loved that google assign idea - did mine

.. and sadly i can relate with the shopping disappointment thing - i over compensate by buying more clothes for DD


Sorry to hear your shopping was so disappointing! As far as swimsuits, I also live in a small town & have to do mailorder for suits. I really love Land's End suits, did you check there?

I love that pic of your daughter-adorable!!


I loved your comment about the 80s styles with bad perms and poof hair. What is up with the 80s returning? Too crazy!

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