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April 04, 2007


Heather has awesome swimsuits... And even though you can't try them on, they are so easy to return (either at Sears or return shipping). Seriously... check them out. They have great one-piece with high necks (so the kiddos aren't pulling your suit off) or great tankinis too. They have been my favorite suits ever.


Great layouts! Have a great day!!


Great layouts, I love that wild love kit by SP, and you used it wonderfully!


Okay Janet, I have GOT to know your secret! I mean, pleeeeeeeeeeease can you tell me how you manage to not only crank out LO's at what seems to be lightning speed, but make them so FABULOUS at the same time!!!! I need to know. I neeeeeeeed to know-LOL!!! I'm the slowest scrapper in the universe it seems, and even with your amazing templates, I still can't decrease my time--ugh! I so wish I were faster at this. Well, here's hoping you can find a swimsuit! Even with a bazillion shoppes here I still have a horrible time. I avoid it like the plague and just go to the beach in the evening when it is okay to just wear shorts and a t-shirt-LOL!

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