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April 25, 2007



what a terrific picture of you and DH...


the photo of you and Jason is wonderful, just love your dimple! just remember where it is so you can have look at those times when you'd like to smack him! LOL! i've been following Jen's suggestion and converting too, what a space-saver! i'm so anxious to hear how 30 min works for you, i'm ashamed to tell you how many photos i'd send if i felt i could trust them. $50 for 1000 is unbelievable!


OMGosh! That is a MUST-scrap photo! It is just beautiful in its spontaneity (sp?)! GORGEOUS!


WOW! Awesome photo! Totally a scrap-worthy one!!!
TIFF files are better huh? Interesting...


well now, you've done and left us with a warm fuzzy feeling after that pic!!! Great picture - I feel like I don't have these "whimsical" moments very often with me and hubby - good reminder to do more of that!


What a wonderfully romantic photos - I can't wait to see it in a layout so don't keep us waiting!!


GREAT picture!

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