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April 11, 2007



Hi. Layouts are great! I think you would so win the QUEEN of the crop seriously!!! Have a wonderful day!!


Once again you rock on getting so many layouts done...thanks for the heads up on the $.99 sale - I haven't printed any of my layouts either (other than the calendar pages I did with your templates and I just had color copies made of those:)....

But hey - don't print the "unedited us" I think there's a typo - famuly:)

Have a great day!


Glad you are knocking things off your list!!! I am even more glad you got to sit and scrap! My Thur. and Fri. are ging to be used to knock things off my list (aka - clean) Love all your journaling - wow the last one of being a mom is phenomenal - a great LO with now photos - those can be so tough I think! What a bummer about your camera - I have head so much good about canon so that shocks me! Good luck getting it fixed - that is too much money to not be 100% happy with it!

PS - can't wait to find out if you are coming to MI - that would be great!


LOVE the first LO!!! The photo is soooo precious! And the journaling! Wow, it's like you expressed pretty much what I feel when I watch my DH with any one of my 3 girls. There really is just something special between a Daddy and his daughter.


awesome fave has got to be all that journaling about how hard it is to be a Mama. EXACTLY how I feel sometimes! :)

And the one thing that jumped out at me from your post? I canNOT believe you don't have a printed copy of your layouts!!!!! They're too fantastic to just be kept in your computer!!! Ack! A waste, a waste!!! LOL :) But I do hear you about the cost of it all, eh? I try and do mine a little bit at a time so as not to shock dh ( and me) with how much I really HAVE to spend on getting it all into albums. :)

Debbie Pearson

I am loving every single one of your layouts. Fantastic journaling. I'm envious of all your family photos since I haven't taken hardly any yet this year (just lazy). I do believe I'll be scraplifting some of your layouts though. They are fabulous my dear. (You need to get these into a printed book like Shutterfly ;)

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