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April 06, 2007



Happy Birthday Jason! I love what you have written about him! He is blessed to have you too! Love all the cards! OK - so he has NEVER nagged you about your computer time??? WOW - one thing my hubby does do! :) Guess it just means he wants to spend more time with me not me and my computer, but man I like to sit and scrap too! :) Happy Easter.


Thank you family and digi ladies for all the special birthday wishes. It hs really made my day. I hope everyone has a good day as well.

Shabby Miss Jenn

WTG writing all those 33 things down girl! I bet he is pumped today!!!! Happy Birthday to the Template Queen's "King"! :) Tee hee!


Happy Birthday Jason! Glad to see my card made it on time :)

Janet --- you are an awesome wife! Jason is so lucky to have you. You write from the heart and you share your thoughts, your beautiful thoughts. Thank you for that. You've made the day a little bit brighter!


Happy Birthday Jason!!!!! Oh I didn't make a card-darn it!! I'm glad I just got one made for Janet! I hope you have a super weekend and a wonderful Easter!


It sounds like he has a pretty awesome wife also... what a wonderful tribute to your husband.


Happy Birthday, Jason! Sorry I'm chiming in so late!

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