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March 21, 2007



Thanks for that look into your favorite!! I was looking into some myself I currrently have been over using Shabby Princess! I would love to know more of your favs in the future!!! What CTs are you on because I love all the paper you use!!! I sooo need to scrap just have been so tired lately but I will soon and I need a mid-term done this week too :S! Have a Great Day today!!


Ooohh - the cinnamon rolls sound so so good right now. On Sunday morning we make the pillsbury ones and that is the closest I get to a cinnamon roll. LOL! Our highschool used to make cinnamon rolls on Chili day (like once a month b/c they were so IN DEMAND), and they were homemade (a recipe from one of the best lunch ladies!) and I miss those so so much. I don't eat chili so I would always just get one ala cart and it wuold fill me right up b/c they were HUGE! Anyway - you talking about your cinnamon rolls brought me back to my hhighschool days! Love the stitchings - I use a few of those already and you tipped me off to some new ones! Thanks

Shabby Miss Jenn

I'm sooo with you! I started with SP's stitchings and I always LOVE them even now!!! :)


Okay, there's one thing for sure, I could use some unsolicited advice (or would it now be soliciated?) about those very kiddo behaviors. My head-strong 4yo DD tends to make me repeat myself multiple times and I would love to hear your tips on how to end that vicious cycle! I know that it's my own fault; I just don't know what to do about it.

Loved the peek into your favorites. I'm a big sucker for stitching and tend to "overuse" it.

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