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March 20, 2007



I totally understand the need for alone time! I am the same way - just need it! And I know that I'm a better mother, wife, employee for having it.


I think you just totally described me but I didn't realize that was what I was!!! I really enjoy reading your blog! Cy


HA! You too! I'm around people all day long here on the farm & sometimes I just have to hide out for a couple of hours & recharge the batteries! I just think that women who have to be "on" all day, such as moms, teachers, etc, have to be able to switch it "off" sometimes. I'm not mentally healthy without it, my thinking gets disorganized, then the house gets disorganized, then the relationships get disorganized, etc. You're so wise to do this. Martyrs don't make good moms! =)

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