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March 22, 2007



Argh - you hit MI winters square on the nail head!!! I too HATE MI winters - I am a hater of cold!!! Give me the 90 degree weather anytime!!! I have endured it though and I too say BRING ON SPRING!!! Glad you got out to enjoy it yesterday!!! Great pics. Don't be so hard on yourself and those LO's - wow - I think they are great! I love the picture of your hubby and the babe - the stars the stitching - all great!!! Have a great day!


I totally agree about spring!! There are somethings I hate about living in Illinois and the cold winters is definitely towards the top of the list!

I just bought the ABC templates and can't wait to use them. I'm going to be adventurous and try to get them done by Easter to put in my kids baskets. My husband, who is rarely impressed by anything digi, loved them!


I think I like cold weather but I think it's because I have never been in such a cold place before LOL. Im in Texas so winter isn't all that cold and long... Let me tell you about the heat though not nice lol.
Janet I truly truly LOVE your layout with your Hubby & Caleb it's a beautiful picture and I like the blue, stiching, & stars! (Who's stars are those?? ) have a great day!

Shabby Miss Jenn

WOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Loove that Spring is here! Looove it!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous pics mommy twin!


Yay for Spring! :)


Oh you make me laugh-how can you NOT like those LOs??? If I made something like that I would be jumping up and down with delight LOL :) I hear you about the winters-we went from San Diego to Hungary-cold, snow, wind!! I laugh about your comment with NE because we feel God stirring us again and I was telling my husband-Italy would be great-warm weather-but watch-we will end up someone in NE!!! Poor Nebraskans-nothing personal :)

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