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March 26, 2007



OK - first off - I wish you didn't feel that way for even a second!!! You are a great woman from what I know and see! Glad you are over it, and I pray that it does not come back EVER!!! Sorry you went thru that.
Secondly - you need ACDC!!! You can tag things to pull up just flowers, or just tags, or whatever - but they are still in each designers folder or the original kit folder! It is the most AMAZING programs on earth!!! Maybe you do have it and that is what you were organizing. I LOVE it also for the fact that it shows the PSD files as thumbnails - meaning when I want to view you AMAZING templates I can see them all as a PSD - which you cannot see in just folders without ACDC!!! ROCKS!!!
Third - the LO's are all amazing! That first one of Alana and Levi(?) is so so cute - look at them cuddling!!! Wipe out LO is rocking too! Love em all - don't ever think about quiting again1


So glad you had a great long weekend with your hubby and kids! Looks like it was lots of fun! You are so luck to have so many resources to work with on your pages I feel trapped in a box wish I was able to spend more money I need so many elements. You should see my wish list it's long LOL I need so much. The weather looks fabulous out there!! Have a wonderful day!


Great post today, Janet. Glad to hear that you're recovering from last week.

Wonderful layouts today! Those pictures are just precious!

Have a great week!

Shabby Miss Jenn

OMG love your pages twin! The pink one is my favorite!

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