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February 20, 2007



Hi Janet. I found your typepad and have been hooked to it. Not only do i love all of your sketches but i like reading your journal. I think your a great mom and have a great family! Just wanted to let you know you have a new daily reader! :) Have a good day!


That frog jumper looks so much fun! I LOVE spontaneous trips like that - sounds like a fun day!


OK, that ride looks super cool - and what a picture you have there!! Love those little expressions! My younger DD rode "Tower of Terror" the last time we were at Disney World. I am pretty sure she would prefer the "Frog Hopper." It's more her speed! Glad y'all had a nice day. We are going to get in the 60s here today. Hopefully we will get a few minutes outside, too! Have a great day!


Oh I hope you enjoyed the book, Janet! Imagine living it, like Leroy and Jane did!! Anyhow, glad you are able to have more family time and nicer weather too!! So fun to be able to play outside. Have a great day--Hollie

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