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February 22, 2007



Another wonderful post today, Janet. You encouraged my heart about making the most of the pre-school years. I have tried to enjoy every moment of life with my 20-month old, because I know that soon, he won't be this dependent on me.

That yogurt picture is hilarious! I love your phrase, "Don't get mad ... take pictures!"

Enjoy the end of your week!

Shabby Miss Jenn

ROFL!!!!! OMG how cuuute!


It just occurred to me, as I sat here and read your great blog entry, that I always leave your blog smiling. Whether it is funny stories about your cutie-patooties, or whether you have inspired me to think about something from an entirely differnet point of view, I ALWAYS leave here smiling. So thanks for giving me something to look forward to when I see that you have posted! I'm heading out for the weekend, so have a great one!!

Oh - I did use one of your fab valentine templates yesterday. I posted it at DST. I'll try and shoot you a linkie later!


I agree with Haley - you always keep me smiling! Even you downharden thought provoking entries leave me somehow uplifted! Love those pictures girl and again a great reminder to love these times. I am the type that wish them away every day - sorry - I hate to even admit it. I am all hormonal and wacky right now so little things irritate me and in anger I say things I really don't mean. I will try to keep it all in perspective!

Melanie Kendall

Your post really connected with me. I have five children and it is so true that those precious preschool years are gone in a blink. Each stage is unique and special and I love seeing them develop as they grow. But I am so sentimental about the baby and toddler years. I am truly trying to appreciate the truths of what you wrote with my youngest two. God is helping me enjoy every day with them. I hang on to their precious little words, their hugs, and the joy of life they embody. Thank you for the wonderful post and reminder of this truth. What a gift these precious lives truly are! I so love that scrapping helps us record the every day little details that our minds would quickly forget. And I appreciate the tools that your templates are to keep up with all those pictures! God bless you...

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