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February 06, 2007



Adorable LO's Janet!! Of course I am straining my eyes to read your journaling and if I had used 1/2 my brain I would have thought to scroll down to see if you wrote it out on your blog LOL!! I could finally get a couple of your templates-so hard to choose but I think they are never going away!! They are so handy and people are able to do so much with them.


I LOVE your page about the teddy bear. Shhh, but I still sleep with mine too. My toddler has tried to steal him from me but he has plenty of his own. Your top layout made me laugh too - DS almost always has a runny nose that I photoshop out of pictures.

Shabby Miss Jenn

OMG your templates ROCK!!!!!!!


Love all your LO's. The booger one is too funny. We had a formal portrait taken with my kids were younger. The proofs were small and we chose what looked the best one of everyone. When we got the 16x20 size, we could "then" see that my dd had snot running down her upper lip LOL Anyway, just wanted to say that I've been wanting to buy your templates for a while and finally took the plunge this weekend. Thanks! Loving the SP wonderful kit too =)


I love all of the pages. The snot-bubble pics are just too funny! And I love the teddy bear page - I still have a very special stuffed animal that sits on a high shelf in my daughters' playroom. I really need to get some pictures of him and do a page. I think I'll work on the journaling this week since I'm thinking about it... when I should be listening to this conference call. hehe

Have a great week!!


You always amaze me that you can create so many pages and they are all fabulous! I really need to pick up some of your templates - love them!

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