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February 05, 2007



OK - so I travel for business once a month. It totally stinks, but it is what my job is right now. I've decided that the Lord wants me doing this right now, and who am I to question him. Anyway -- I just now got hooked up in the hotel room, checked your blog and saw the new "Just For Fun #5" and headed over to get it!! The site has exceeded its bandwidth! Glad the sale was a huge success -- and I did manage to pick up a few things on Friday. I'll have to pick these up later! Hope you had a great weekend!!


Hi from Malaysia,

I was also hoping to buy some things off Digishoppe, but was unable to make my purchases due to bandwidth problems. I would love for the sale to be extended for another day so I can try it again...?? Do you think that's a possibility?? Just wondering... :-)

Lauren Barden

The site came up long enough for me to grab the Fat Pack, YAY!! I am so excited!

Love the new stuff too, but that took the last of my budget, LOL. Next time! :)

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