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January 16, 2007



Thank you so much for sharing. It's a great 1st blog freebie to share!!


Thanks so much for sharing. It is a great template.

Stephanie O.

Thanks ever so much for the template! And I loved the pics of your two boys, I have two boys also and totally know what it's like, one minute they like each other, the next, FORGET IT! And the snow cream looks yummo! I wouldn't want to try it after my dog has been out and about!


Thanks for the great template!

Lena Brandenburg

Lovely layouts! Great template, too! :)


Thanks for the template. I had a good laugh at the story about your boys :)


Thank you for the template! I love your templates - I did a calendar for everyone this Christmas and used your templates and boy did that make it so much easier than last year. You can see them at DST (username lhaslem). Thanks again - stay warm. We just got our first real snow of the season here in Indianapolis:)


Thanks, Janet. I DO enjoy your templates!


Janet - thanks so much for the template! I got sidetracked last week and failed to take advantage of your sale -- so this is a wonderful little bonus! :) Have a great (and warm) day!!

Stephanie C

Thanks Janet!! Love your templates, but I think you knew that already!

Julie (mrs2a50)

LOL at "God gave us the wrong boy!" Oh, if only it were that easy! Awesome layout too - she's adorable!


Alaina is too funny with that comment!! Great layouts Janet and thanks so much for the template! I will make it to one of your sales soon :)


Great template! Thanks!


Thanks for the template and love your storyboards above!!

Karen aka lindse

Thank you for the template. Great stories on the blog too!


Thank you for the great template!


Thanks so much, your templates are great!!!


Ooohhh, your daughter is so cute... great LO and thanks very much for the template!


thank you for the template. I love the layout you created with it- she is a doll.

Shabby Miss Jenn

OMG HOW CUUUTE! I am sitting here LOL about the sharing thing! We just had an episode five min ago! LOL That snow cream seems awesome! WE still have tons of snow here..going to try that one!!!!! CUUUUTE PAGES!


What a cutie! Your DD AND your template that is, lol. Thanks! :D


thanks for the nice template.
love your layout too..too cute !


found your blog through DST and love your layouts and most of all your templates. As an template addict I would like to have your templates. Is there a chance to refresh at least the last link? Would love to have them. Hope there is a chance.

Greetings from Germany


What a fun LO you did with that template - glad to hear that your weekend went so well!!!

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